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Because of the ever-changing fuel prices and the customer-focused pricing changes from lower-priced weekdays to higher-priced weekends (in other words, those pricing changes are designed to help you to save money!), Limos Sacramento isn't able to list our prices here on our web page. It would be complicated to keep the site current with those ever-fluctuating pricing changes, and it would also be more difficult for us to convey the sense that we can customize our pricing to fit the needs of your particular party. All of us at Limos Sacramento want our customers to understand that our top priority is to present you with the best transportation at the most affordable price, and in that spirit, we'd like to share just a few money-saving tips that you'll be able to put to use when booking a trip with us! Here they are.


It's of course true that many events are already set for a particular day and can't be done on a weekday, or many times you can't plan an event on a weekday because you or your friends have to work on those days. However, if a weekday is possible for your particular event, you will certainly save some money by booking at those times.


If a weekend is a must, but you have some flexibility on which weekend day to throw your party on, you will get a less expensive price on Fridays and Sundays than you will on our most high-demand day of Saturday.


You might think that our lower pricing on weekdays, as well as Fridays and Sundays versus Saturdays, is all about our level of demand and nothing else. However, there's a whole lot more that goes into those price calculations. The traffic tends to be lower on those days, which affects things like how much fuel we use and the availability of parking spaces. Where other companies would keep the same pricing throughout the week and thereby keep more profit for themselves on weekdays and off-peak times, we instead pass that savings on to you.


Another way that you can reliably save money with us is to take advantage of any seasonal bonus offers that we have. We don't post these on our website, but you can call us or email us at any time to find out what our current specials are. One of our year-round specials is a bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding special. The way it works is that if you book your bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding at the same time, you'll get additional time on the road for free. In addition, you'll get plenty of decorations, champagne, and bottled water for your guests. Just call for details!

Those are really only a short introduction to the ways that you can save money by traveling with Limos Sacramento, with the biggest way being that we're simply more affordable than other local party bus companies! If you would like to speak with us about your upcoming trip, you can reach us by phone or email right here.

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